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THRIVE Supper Clubs

We are happy to announce that our third Supper Club featuring Afghan cuisine and  hosted by St. Paul's United Methodist Church in February was a huge success!  We are planning another Supper Club for the fall.  Contact us either if you are interested in being a host cook (former refugees or recent immigrants) or if you know of someone who may qualify.

What is a Supper Club?

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A Supper Club is a fund-raising event hosted by a venue which features the cuisine of a former refugee's country or culture.  The primary purpose of the fund-raiser is to give a former refugee (host cook) the opportunity to support his/her family by utilizing their cooking skills.  The secondary purpose is to give guests the opportunity to learn more about the culture and home country of the former refugee and to hear his/her story. 


The venue can be hosted by a place of worship, an organization, or a restaurant which has concern for the well-being of refugees and immigrants.  THRIVE manages the event, in consultation with the host venue and the host cook(s) by advertising and selling tickets, organizing volunteers, and managing and MCing the event in coordination with the host venue.

Over 80% of the ticket sales typically go to the host cook(s) after the cost of food.  With a sale of 100 guest tickets, a host cook can earn over $1800 for 16 hours of labor!

We need volunteers to help with...

     Set Up           Food Prep      Serving        Clean Up

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Create a Family Hygiene Kit


Imagine spending months, sometimes years in a refugee camp, trying to provide the basics for your family.  Those basics include food, clothing, and simple hygiene items.

THRIVE suppies each refugee family a hygiene kit upon arrival.  The kit includes basic hygiene items appropriate to the age and gender of each family member.  THRIVE's stock of hygiene kits is currently very low and we are anticipating many arrivals in the fall.   

Please help us restock our supply of Hygiene Kits!  Hygiene kits are presented to a family in a reuseable shopping bag, so please place all your items in such a bag before delivering to us.

Thank you for your donation! Each kit shows the  concern we have for each person's dignity and shows the love of God through this simple gift of good health!

Click the Word Docx icon below to download a printable items list!

Welcome Blankets is a national project where crafters come together to create beautiful blankets to welcome immigrants. A similar project was held for the families of the victims of the Tree of Life shootings. THRIVE is going to make Welcome  blankets  for newly arrived immigrants to Pittsburgh!

The blankets can be created in several ways. The easiest way to participate is to knit or crochet an 8” X 8” square which will then be joined with other squares. For the more ambitious, if you would like to create larger panels, we only ask that they be in 8” increments so that we can fit them together with other squares. If you want to make a whole blanket, fabulous!  We prefer blankets to be at least 40 x 40", twin size, or full size.

We also have ready-made squares which need to be crocheted together.  If you are able to help with that, please let us know!  (email below)

We are asking our crafters to make squares to mail or drop off at

North Hills Community Baptist Church, 7801 Thompson Run Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237-6346.  If you cannot mail or drop off your squares, please notify us and we will make arrangements to pick them up.

Below are a couple of links for basic instructions for both knit and crocheted squares. Please use worsted weight acrylic yarn so that the blankets are washable and all squares are similar in material. Of course, you are welcome to use any colors and can create any designs on your squares. Some folks make hearts or other designs on the squares!

For those who you can’t knit or crochet, we accept donations to purchase yarn. Appropriate yarn donations are also welcome. If you need yarn or supplies, also let us know.  If you are a quilter, we also accept donations of quilts!


Questions? Contact Kathleen Ganster at

Welcome Blanket Knitalong

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     Create a Welcome Bag

Welcome children with refugee, immigrant or asylum seeker

status to Pittsburgh  by donating items from our Welcome Bag lists!

 Contact us at to arrange for pick up or drop off of items or completed Welcome Bags.

0-4 YRS. OLD


Baby/toddler toothbrush

Baby toothpaste

Soft Hairbrush/comb

Stuffed animal

Coloring book


Small blanket

Socks (2 pairs)

Animal Crackers

5-11 YRS. OLD

Small flashlight


Toothpaste (regular size)


Stuffed animal

Coloring book

Washable markers

Small Toy

Socks (2 pairs)

Snack bag of chips/pretzels, etc.


12-18 YRS. OLD



Toothpaste (regular size)


Deodorant (regular size)

Journal/Notebook and pen

Socks (2 pairs)

Small game

Snack bag of chips/pretzels, etc.

 Candy or gum

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