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Welcome Blankets is a national project where crafters come together to create beautiful blankets to welcome immigrants. A similar project was held for the families of the victims of the Tree of Life shootings. THRIVE is going to make Welcome  blankets  for newly arrived immigrants to Pittsburgh!

The blankets will be 40” X 40” and can be created in several ways. The easiest way to participate is to knit or crochet an 8” X 8” square which will then be joined with other squares. For the more ambitious, if you would like to create larger panels, we only ask that they be in 8” increments so that we can fit them together with other squares. If you want to make a whole blanket, fabulous!

Because of COVID, we can’t come together right now for a traditional knitalong, so we are asking our crafters to make squares to mail or drop off at North Hills Community Baptist Church, 7801 Thompson Run Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237-6346. If you cannot mail or drop off your squares, please notify us and we will make arrangements to pick them up.

Below are a couple of links for basic instructions for both knit and crocheted squares. Please use worsted weight acrylic yarn so that the blankets are washable and all squares are similar in material. Of course, you are welcome to use any colors and can create any designs on your squares. Some folks make hearts or other designs on the squares!

Let’s plan on our first goal to drop off squares by June 1st at the Church. If you make one or if you make 30 squares, that would be fabulous! And if you can’t join in now, again we hope this is an ongoing project, so participate when you can. We hope we can even get together later in the summer for a real knitalong!

For those who you can’t knit or crochet, we accept donations to purchase yarn. Appropriate yarn donations are also welcome. If you need yarn or supplies, also let us know. Questions? Contact Kathleen Ganster at kganster@verizon.net



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Eat and serve with your fellow community members as we listen to our new neighbors' stories and learn about the work of  THRIVE!

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Create a Welcome Bag

Welcome children with refugee, immigrant or asylum seeker

status to the U.S.  by donating items from our Welcome Bag lists!

 Contact us to arrange for pick up or drop off of items or completed Welcome Bags.


0-4 YRS. OLD


Baby toothbrush

Baby toothpaste


Stuffed animal

Coloring book


Small blanket


Animal Crackers

5-11 YRS. OLD

Small flashlight




Stuffed animal

Coloring book

Washable markers



Snack bag of chips/pretzels, etc.

12-18 YRS. OLD






Journal and pen


Small game


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