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Who We Are

THRIVE consists of a group of individuals, churches and nonprofit organizations in the Pittsburgh North communities dedicated to “creating a soft landing” for refugees and immigrants in as they integrate into our communities. When refugees and immigrants come to America to seek a new life, they often must leave behind their personal belongings. It is a goal of THRIVE to support refugees and immigrants by providing some basic necessities, as well as assistance in finding a place to live, employment, and reliable transportation. Whatever their needs, we are dedicated to meeting them.


Our Mission Statement

Practicing hospitality by connecting newly arrived immigrants and refugees, via e-crowdsourcing, with neighbors in the Pittsburgh community; helping them to be welcomed, become independent, and feel cared for, while demonstrating the love of God for each individual.

What We Believe

At THRIVE, we recognize three stages to refugee resettlement:

NOTE:  Refugees are not the same as asylum seekers or illegal immigrants.  Refugees have been vetted and approved by our government to enter the U. S. usually for their aid to our miliary overseas.

  • Stage I – Survive Mode – Refugees are scared and overwhelmed in their new environment and culture. They may need emergency supplies such as baby needs (diapers, wipes, blankets, formula), a cell phone, food basics, cash to carry them over until assistance benefits begin and toys for their children.  While official government resettlement agencies take care of most of these needs, we are often called upon to help with clothes and household supplies, which aren't supplied.

  • Stage II – Hive Mode – Refugees are swarmed with things, service and people to feel safe. Needs include reliable transportation, physical necessities not provided by public assistance, help with navigating grocery stores and appointments and an advocate/friend.  This is where we volunteer with JFCS Pittsburgh or in our communities with those in need we are aware of.

  • Stage III – Thrive Mode – Because they have security and are more comfortable, refugees are empowered to learn English, find a job and even to help other refugees.  This is where THRIVE becomes the most needed, as we connect people, services and needed items with the refugees when public services stop, usually after 90 days.  Refugees, however, are still likely to struggle with adapting to a new country and culture, and volunteers can help by offering transportation, support with government forms and much more.  Many times just being a friend is all that is needed!


At THRIVE, we recognize that asylum seekers and other immigrants have unique and varied needs:

  • All asylum seekers are escaping intolerable conditions in their countries of origin and looking for the freedom our country promises from its founding.  Some conditions are widespread in their country of origin and affect many, while others it is for more personal reasons, such as clan conflict, religious persecution and others. Some asylum seekers enter our country on foot, crossing our border physically.  Others enter by overstaying an approved  visa.

  • Some asylum seekers and other immigrants have family in the United States to depend on, while others do not and need assistance with many things (legal help, employment skills, finding a suitable apartment, and English language skills).

  • Asylum seekers and other immigrants have no rights to most government assistance, and depend greatly on the kindness of their new neighbors as they find they way in our country and culture.  Once they receive their green card, it gets easier, but that often can take two years or more for that to occur.

Our Methods

THRIVE uses e-crowdsourcing and social media to connect the North Pittsburgh community with refugee families and asylum seekers who need our assistance to navigate through the difficult process or resettling in a their new country. Each refugee family that is referred to THRIVE has specific needs and lists of things they need to help get them started on their new journey. Community members who want to help our sponsored refugees to resettle are encouraged to visit the “Lists” section of this website to meet our sponsored refugees and find out how they can help. THRIVE also will accepted donations of furniture and other large items when contacted in advance by donors.  Asylum seekers and immigrants that are referred to us may or may not have a list, as their needs vary greatly.

THRIVE will:

  • Identify specific needs for each refugee/immigrant family;

  • Publish the needs of those we are sponsoring on our website in the form of Amazon Wish Lists or via social media posts;

  • Accept direct donations of furniture, gently-used clothing, and surplus goods;

  • Deliver items from donors who donate or purchase specific items for specific families;

  • Create and deliver THRIVE Welcome Bags to refugee or asylum seeker children upon arrival; and

  • Host, on occasion, events designed to help the Pittsburgh North community get to know their new neighbors,  to educate our community about different cultures and customs, and to help our new neighbors find ways to support themselves. Check our “Events” page for more information.

  • Demonstrate the love of God to each individual we serve.

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Practicing hospitality by connecting newly arrived immigrants and refugees, via e-crowdsourcing, with neighbors in the Pittsburgh community; helping them to be welcomed, become independent, and feel cared for.

Our Mission

We welcome your support.

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