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Afghan Baby Shower Drive

THRIVE is dedicated to providing services to families seeking refuge or asylum in Pittsburgh, no matter what the situation or circumstance.  That's why we stepped in when we were asked to provide an American-style baby shower to seven new pregnant Afghan moms in 2022.  The family pictured above (their newborn was sleeping and Dad was working during our visit) with adoreable 7 year and 3 year old daughters and a 5 year old son, recently welcomed a new son and needed help with an additional crib, car seat, and newborn supplies (all the older children were born in Afghanistan and very little child-care supplies were brought with them last year during the evacuation from Kabul.)  Dad was a teacher in Afghanistan, had excellent English skills, and volunteered to help our military as a translator.  He is currently working in a factory, trying to support his family.  Every little bit helps when the husband/father is trying to make ends meet in a country that perhaps doesn't recognize his education or credentials. Mom, although shy,  was obviously so thankful for our support, that she provided us with traditional Afghan snacks and green tea while we visited and played with these adorable kids.  In reality, we were blessed to serve them!

YOU can help provide for the newborn of the next Afghan mom to give birth in 2022!  Please go to our Wish List (link below) and purchase an item to be delivered to the next deserving family.  They are working so hard to provide a new life for their families in Pittsburgh! 

Thank you for your support!


This successful campaign has ended!
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